Sunday, October 25, 2009

~its 6 am in the morning..

and .. i watching 'becoming jane' kat astro..
for the 10th time..
i am supposed to finish my lab report.. :)
but, i likee this story..
Jane Austen is the writer of pride and prejudice..

ini la Cik Jane Austen.. cute jugak kan??

Pride and Prejudice is actually her love story..

sad :(

~what is love story for, when it is just a story.. ~


Forever Me said... sgt ke citer tuh?...akak pon xsiap lg report n assignmnt...

me love begedil said...

best kak hana,
tryla tgk..
xdelaa jiwang berkarat2 sgt..

Forever Me said...

ye?..ala mne nk carik...hehe jiwang berkarat pon ok wat...hindustan pon i citer best...citer lme eh?

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