Friday, December 12, 2008



it has been 1 month ++ since i last update my blog..
it was because..
1. no internet connection (poor me)..
2. kemalasan yg teramat sgt..

but, syukur alhamdulillah..
my maxis broadband suddenly works! (after i threw it against the wall, haha)(~just kidding!)

during raya haji, my family and i went back to kampung, kg. kati, kuala kangsar..
i love my kampung (love it, love it)
but, i hate the journey.. (hate it, hate it.. esp. when i have to drive)

saturday, 6.12.2008
mula2 igt nak balik kampung hari ahad..
sbb kak yong keje,
but, suddenly,while we were having lunch.. my uncle, ayah mat call mak..
i answered the phone..
the conversation goes like this..

shima: ayah mat, nape??
ayah mat: shima, dekat mane ni??
shima: kat umah lagi, petang2 sket baru nak bertolak..
ayah mat: air ketuban kak nana ni dah keluar..
shima: (panicking!) woo..woo..wooo.. jap2.. cakap ngn mak..

so, we have to go back that day jugak..
my ayah mat's wife, nana, is 8 months pregnant..
she had been admitted for 1 night..
turns out, kak nana had been lifting some pasu yg agak besar..
i bet, die xkan berani lg angkat pasu lepas nih.. huhu

the next day was a normal and good day, happy day!
after we went to ziarah abah's kubur, we went back to ayah man's house..
there, my aunties were busy cooking and gossiping, hahaha..
that's why i am such a gossip person..

later that afternoon, my cousin, ekin asked me to go with her to pick up nana from kuala kangsar hosp..
we went there, but shes not ready, because the doctor wanted to scan the baby's heart..
alhamdulillah, everything is ok.. nana is ok, the baby is ok..

balik rumah, lepak2..
my mom went to mak we's house..
i stayed umah ayah man, tolong2 mak cik cah, with kupas bawang and all..

kak ngah! lembu dah sampai!
jom pg tgk..
( cant remember sape yg panggil, cik yah rasenye..)
lembu.. 4 ekor sumenye, sampai.. and all my cousins rushed to see the lembus up close and personal.. hahaha..

at night we had bbq and birthday celebration..
for ekin and faris..
sing birthday song.. cut the cake.. grill the chicken.. snap a picture.. gossip some more..
and we went back to mak we house..
gossip some more..

next day, is hari raya day..
i woke up early..
my mom nk semayang kat surau beluru..
so, at 8.30 we arrived..
org kat beluru dah start semayang!
my mom was very pissed off.. at my sister of course.. sbb die bangun lmbat.. hehe..
we rushed back to kati (which took about 10mins from ayah man's house)..
luckily, org kat sana tgh takbir lagi..
erm.. syukur dapat gak semayang sunat..

lepas semayang, lepak umah makwe jap..
tp, makwe tgh masak..
agak lapar, pg umah ayah man..
fuh.. byk makanan, sbb org dah nak start qurban..
for the first time, qurban thn ni buat kat umah ayah man..
ramai org kampung dtg.. and that explains all the food..
laksa (everybody favourites, but..not me!), nasi lemak, pulut kuning, lemang, mihun singapore, daging masak hitam, kuih muih beraneka warna dan... air sirap!hehe..

at 10.00, the qurban ceremony started..
my uncles, auntie and kak yong names are in the 1st cow..
so, they gather around the cow, not me, i hid behind the, all i saw was the cow's legs..hehe..
my mom said.. sunat kite tgk titisan darah pertama yg keluar ms lembu tu tgh sembelih, especially yg ade bahagian..
my mom said the cow was crying..
i said to her.. she saw her place in syurga, that's why shes crying..
so, everybody is happy..
i only waited until the 2nd cow, but the cow started kicking..
so, i went back.. to eat some mihun because i was starving.. huhu..
all my cousins waited until the last cow..

after all the process was settled..
the 'melapah' activity started..
and.. i am not involved.. hehehe..

i think that is all for now..
im sorry i cannot post any pictures..
kamera rosak!
huhu.. feel like crying..

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