Wednesday, October 22, 2008

things i dont like..

aizat (my clasmate) said i am a temper person..
like i dunno that.. hahaha..

i have thousands of things that i dont like..
let me list some of it..
i can list it in a blink of an eye.. hahaha..
im so dark and twisted.. yay!

...i dont like driving, hate it.. hate it!
...i dont like studying, because im not good at it..
...i dont like people, i have issues with people.. (hahaha)
...i dont like taking tests, i will get markah cukup2 makan
...i dont like... everything..

jgn takut, i xmakan org..
my mom slalu ckp.. think positively, ye mak.. im trying..
so, im not soo dark and twisted now..

p/s: im under a lot of pressure right now, so ignore my depressed post..
back to happy mode!


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