Sunday, April 19, 2009

what is happening???

saya suka tengok televisyen, that is a fact dan saya percaya ramai yg tahu..(esp my mum, hehe)
and i am the kind yang suke tgk the whole season sekali jalan..he waiting is killing me..
it may took days of sleepless nights.. but, i dont care..
mak saya selalu marah, beliau cakap tak feel tgk mcm tu.. the waiting is actually makes the story worth watching.. itu prinsip mak saya.. selepas saya cakap saya dah tengok the whole season of house, greys and desperate and ugly betty..
mak saya setia menunggu depan televisyen setiap minggu untuk menonton house.. hehe.. u go mak!
but, lately many of my favourite character from my favourite series is either dead or has terminal disease..
i hate this.. this need to stttoooooooooppppppppppppp..
im being paranoid here (of course i know,huhu)
last week i watched desperate housewives season 5 episode 20.. edie britt died!!
uwaaa... she is sexy, kind and one of a kind.. she is not supposed to die..
she lighten up the series.. i like her.. and she is dead!

just now i watched house season 5 episode 20.. kutner died!!! (dont even know his name)
another uwaaaaa from me..
i love him... he is the reason i watched house (no, not really, house is the reason i watched house :P )
as it turns out, he got a job in the white house.. jadi pembantu obama ke ape.. kalo aku, aku pon berhenti.. heheh..

and greys anatomy, my all time favourite series.. izzie stevens is sick! she is suffering from cancer.. stage four melanoma (skin cancer) that has metastasize to her brain.. (i used using earphone with high level of volume to hear exactly what she has, hehe. teruk kan?? i know..)

and the latest season of CSI, warrick died! i cried u know, very stupid.. but i like him.. he is very cool..

so far, no one died in criminal minds.. except for all the victims.. hehe.. feel sorry for you..

Monk is still ok, who else?? no one died in ugly betty, except for betty's dad who had heart attack.. but, i dont mean to be rude.. but, i hope molly will die soon.. i dont like her.. hehehe..

thats all from me..

p/s: i hope izzie will not die, kutner emerged from the dead (even though he had been cremated) and edie brit come back to haunt dave.. hehehe.. if only, i am the script writer.. heheh..


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