Saturday, February 7, 2009

~a day with familiar faces


last thursday, i went out with my friends..
we went for lunch kat pizza hut, sacc mall..

i miss hanging out with them..
with them, i can say whatever i want, kutuk whoever i want..haha
simply be me..
because i know, they will never backstab me.. and they will always be there for me..
maybe that is what 4 years of friendship worth..

lepas mkn, we went to buy our so-called-dessert.. kat big apple..
i bought choreo (which i gave to shark because im very full), one with choc crispy on it and chocaholic (yummy!)hehe..
hahaha, angkara rafique ngn dauslaa ni..

birthday present from rafique and shark.. rafique gave me the penguin brooch and shark gave me the cute cat brooch.. love 'em (erm, the brooch eh, not the guys..hehe)

a birthday present for me from me (or at least what i told myself to reduce my guilt,hehe) which by the way, ive already finish reading it.. hehe.. which explain why i didnt study for my pathogenicity test.. serves me right if i fail the test!


me and rafique

daus (he really need a haircut) and shark..


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